VoIP Services For Dental Offices

Boost your efficiency, increase profits, and save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of VoIP services for dental offices and all that they have to offer.  

Dentists Do you Have any Idea How Cutting-edge VoIP Services Drastically Increase Your Profits?

Boost your efficiency, increase profits, and save thousands of dollars by taking advantage of VoIP services for dental offices and all that they have to offer.  

The average dentist spends a whopping $600,000 every year on overhead costs but that doesn’t mean you have to do so. VoIP services for dental offices will not only enable you to save tens of thousands of dollars every single year but also boost profits by giving you the tools needed to provide your current and potential customers with the highest level of service and assistance.

What Can VoIP Services for Dental Offices Do for You?

VoIP phone services, unlike traditional business telephones, use the internet to transmit telephone calls. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in purchasing a phone system and having it installed; all you have to do is select the VoIP service of your choice and sign up.

At the same time, VoIP services do a lot more than simply transmit phone calls. This service enables potential and current patients to get in touch with you at any time of the day or night. You can field emergency calls without hiring someone to remain at the office and ensure you’re not missing important phone calls during off-hours. What’s more, you can also use your VoIP service to:

  • Create a menu or auto-attendant feature that will enable callers to get help from the person who is best able to assist them and/or get the information they need without having to speak with one of your receptionists.
  • Take advantage of an SMS service that enables you to send and receive SMS communications at no additional cost
  • Send and receive faxes via your VoIP service
  • Save time with caller ID and call blocking services. Having VoIP doesn’t mean you have to answer the phone constantly. You can automatically program your service to block marketing calls. You can also easily see who is calling you before picking up your phone.
  • Set up voicemail to email services that allow you to scroll through your messages with ease.

Given all that VoIP has to offer, it’s not hard to see how using it has the potential to increase your profits dramatically. The fact that current and potential patients have no trouble getting in touch with you almost ensures that they’ll come to you when they need any type of dental work. And that’s not all. These same individuals are also sure to tell others about your high level of customer service, encouraging others to pay you as well. At the same time VoIP is increasing your profits, it’s also reducing business expenses by providing you with top-tier yet affordable phone service.

VoIP Services For Dental Offices

Now that you know what VoIP services can do for your business, it’s time to find a company that offers the exact VoIP set-up you need at a cost you can afford. You’ll need reliable, entirely secure service to protect your caller’s privacy and ensure you’re always able to get in touch with people anywhere, at any time.

A growing number of Oregon-based dental practices are turning to SureTel for stellar VoIP services and it’s not hard to see why. We offer fully secure, reliable VoIP packages with a host of features and amenities at rock-bottom prices to ensure that dentists throughout the state can take full advantage of VoIP technology and all that it has to offer. What’s more, we have the tools and expertise needed to customize your chosen VoIP system to ensure it meets your exact needs.

Dental Office VoIP Services By SureTel

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