Cloud Phone Services For Medium-Sized Organizations

Discover how switching over to a cloud phone system can help you save tens of thousands of dollars, boost your earnings, increase business efficiency and more.  

Every Single Mid-Size Company Needs to Buy a Cloud Phone System Immediately

Discover how switching over to a cloud phone system can help you save tens of thousands of dollars, boost your earnings, increase business efficiency and more.  

While it’s not hard to find a cloud phone system for midsize companies, many mid-size business owners still haven’t invested in the technology. Sadly, this lack of investment is holding a lot of companies back from reaching their full potential. Read on to discover what a cloud phone system can do for your business and how to ensure your new system is running securely and optimally at all times.

Business Phones For Medium Sized Organizations

Cloud Phone System Midsize Companies: What to Expect

Are you looking at a cloud phone system midsize companies would typically use and wondering if it’s worth the cost of switching over to a VOIP phone service? If so, consider the following facts:

  • The monetary savings are enormous. It costs nothing to set up a cloud-based VOIP phone for your business. In contrast, the average cost of setting up a regular telephone system for a business comes to a whopping $20,000. This fact alone should be enough to convince wary business owners that using VoIP technology is a great money-saver. But there’s more. Recent statistics indicate that midsize business owners who use VoIP phone technology can save up to 90% on international calls and 40% on local ones.
  • Cloud phone systems are also huge time-savers, enabling you and your employees to get more work done every day than would have otherwise been possible. VoIP technology allows you to save an average of 32 call minutes per day, giving you more than three and a half extra work hours per person, per week. What’s more, the system allows you to take calls anywhere at any time. You can work from your office, at home, at your local library or while you travel with ease. The system also naturally makes it easy for remote employees and contractors to get in touch with you quickly even if they’re out of town or can’t come into the office.
  • Cloud phone systems provide a host of tools and features that regular business phones simply can’t offer. With a VoIP phone system, you can send faxes and SMS messages, integrate commonly-used software programs such as Microsoft Office 365 and more. You’ll also be able to teleconference with one or more individuals without undue hassle, enabling you to not only hear information but also see it as you converse.
  • With VoIP technology, you can offer the same level of customer service provided by large corporations. You’ll be able to set up an easy-to-use menu to direct customers and potential customers to the person in your company who can best answer their questions and address their concerns. This high level of customer service shows people that you’re serious about providing top-level products and services, encouraging people to work with you now and in the future.

Cloud Phone System Midsize Companies: How to Get Started

It’s wise to get professional advice and help when selecting and migration to a cloud-based phone service. You’ll want a service provider that has a reputation for offering top-quality products and a high level of customer service. What’s more, you’ll also want to seriously consider managed VoIP services to ensure your system is fully secure and operating efficiently at all times. Because your systems run on the internet, it’s important to make sure any MSP you partner with offers an uptime guarantee and immediate assistance in the event of network problems. Many Portland-based businesses are turning to SureTel to get the cutting-edge tools and support they need to transition from a regular business phone to a cloud-based phone service. SureTel offers affordable service, 24/7 support, custom features to meet your business needs and much more.

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