Managed Network and SD-WAN

SureTel provides managed network services and SD-WAN solutions for organizations across the United States. Speak with a network consultant today.

Managed Network and SD-WAN Services

Are you setting up a new venture and are at crossroads on how to source management for your networks? Or, your business is scaling, and there is an influx in latency, packet loss, and jitters on your system due to a surge in traffic that you cannot sustain.

By now, you must have realized that your in-house IT team — if you have one — is not in a position to manage your systems to the best of your expectations. We understand how difficult it is sometimes to ask for external help. However, this seems to be the safest way out in these circumstances.

Communication is essential in any business transaction. A loose link in the communication chain can cause unnecessary chaos and even misunderstandings between the firm and its end-users.

Trust in SureTel to provide you with the best in class support for all of your communication technology needs.

Managed Network SDWAN

Managed Network

A failed network is a failed business. Firms are increasingly adopting 24/7 productivity to stay ahead of their competitions. The necessity for business continuity and constant uptime has, therefore, not been as pressing as it is now—network downtime and latency cost organizations up to between 301, 000 to 400,000 U.S. dollars every hour.

We have tailored our network management services to fit different business frameworks, IT needs, and budgetary allocations. Case in point: SureTel VoIP Services.

As the business world is gradually shifting from conventional landline phone communication to the faster and more cost-effective Voice-over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), many managed network service providers have opted to outsource VoIP from third-party institutions.

While this may be simpler for these companies, it’s not ideal for their clients. Support processes are slow and complicated when running through multiple vendors, and pricing is often more expensive.

That’s why we don’t bother with a VoIP vendor. Instead of outsourcing, we’ve built our own SureTel VoIP services internally, enabling us to address our clients’ issues aptly and control prices from within. We’ve even designed Quality of Service (QoS) rules, specifically for SureTel VoIP.

With our team managing your network and your VoIP, you benefit from a single, efficient point of contact — we can deliver reliable call quality and availability as needed.

Benefits of SureTel VoIP include:

  • We have developed SureTel phones that are sold at fair prices. You can also rent them monthly. Alternatively, clients can install and use our mobile apps.
  • We conduct reviews and system updates every week.
  • SureTel, having been developed internally, has an in-house call controller to ensure that your calls are always of high quality.
  • SureTel easily integrates with CRM features.


Who would have imagined that the 21st century would see broadband, MPLS, and LTE combined to create overlays that enhance application performances?

Technology has reduced the world into a global village, and its only par for the course that you can connect to different users efficiently, the divergence in locations notwithstanding.

Our SD-WAN Managed Network is the best product for the highest possible call quality. It employs SimpleWAN that creates a mesh network to connect multiple user locations in a hub and spoke model, resulting in a top-tier connection as though the users are under one roof. We have also partnered Goggle to grant you direct connections through our private network.

Why Should You Switch To SureTel?

SureTel VoIP services are designed for organizations of all sizes, from one to over 100+ users. Many firms in the U.S. are migrating to SureTel because:

  1. Our call rates are 40% cheaper than standard landline calls.
  2. For just one plan, you access all our features. Besides, you don’t have to settle any upfront costs. First-time clients get a Free 30 days Test Drive.
  3. SureTel is simple and fast to set up. In case you are having any trouble, our team helps you at no extra cost.
  4. Our servers are hosted on Google Cloud, guaranteeing more than 99.99% availability.
  5. We have 100% U.S.-based support.

Get in Touch with our Online Support Team or call (833) 787-3835 and start your journey to success with SureTel.