Voice Services For Managed IT Service Providers

Partner with SureTel to give yourself the confidence you need to successfully pitch a winning cloud phone service to clients throughout the Oregon area.  

You Need Managed VoIP Right This Very Second and Here are Three Reasons Why

Partner with SureTel to give yourself the confidence you need to successfully pitch a winning cloud phone service to clients throughout the Oregon area.  

Do you have this level of confidence when talking to your customers about investing in a managed services VoIP provider? You can! Our partnership program is second to none, making it easy for you to offer a top-tier product that enables you to earn a tidy profit while providing your customers with the best VoIP services on the market.

Hosted VoIP For Managed IT Services Providers

Why Partner with a Managed Services VoIP Provider?

It’s no secret that the VoIP industry is set to be a profitable one for the foreseeable future. Experts predict that the market will generate massive revenue. What’s more, they forecast a healthy compound annual growth rate of over 12.20% up to 2026. The impending rollout of 5G technology, coupled with the fact that consumers expect improved telephone and communication services will fuel growth long-term, as well the ease and cost-efficiency of switching over from a traditional business phone to a cloud-based phone system.

What Does SureTel Have to Offer?

While there are plenty of Oregon-based companies that allow you to offer their managed VoIP services to your clients, SureTel stands out due to its cutting-edge phone systems and low costs. You can count on us to provide your clients with the best possible service at best possible price. Our reliability, coupled with our cost-efficient operating structure, enables you to confidently tell your clients that you have the VoIP services they need and deserve, at a cost that just about any business can easily afford.

Why Work with us? Here are three compelling reasons:

  • Shared phone lines. It’s no secret that many start-ups and growing businesses don’t use managed VoIP services because they are wary of spending money on something that may not seem to generate immediate profits. However, our shared phone line VoIP package makes it easy for anyone to take full advantage of VoIP technology. For only $29.90 a month, your clients can use a fully secure VoIP line for a wide range of business purposes.
  • A plethora of optional tools and services. Working with us means partnering with a managed services VoIP provider that offers everything needed to work efficiently and effectively, at any time of the day or night. We offer 24/7 customer service, and we customize our systems to meet a client’s exact needs. We also provide useful tools such as call screening, voicemail to email and SMS support to help users get work done with ease. While most of our tools and features are included with our price packages, some are optional to enable a business only to purchase the tools and services it needs at any given point in time.
  • Assistance and service you can trust. We hold ourselves to a high standard to make sure that large and small clients alike get the stellar customer service and assistance they need and deserve at any hour of the day or night. We know that our long-term success is entirely based on the trust that our clients put in us, and we work hard to continually earn that trust by providing service that meets or even exceeds expectations. What’s more, we’re always on top of the technology market to ensure that we continually offer our clients and partners the best products and services at the best price.

VoIP Services For Managed IT Service Companies

Ready to get started? Go ahead. Test drive SureTel’s partner program free for 30 days. No contracts, no hassles, no obligations, no stress. To sign up for your free 30-day test drive, use the form on the right, speak with our website chat agent, send us an email or pick up the phone and call us at (503) 420-5110.

Still have Questions?

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