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Seattle Real Estate Company Gets A Sure Thing With SureTel Real Estate Phone Services

Communication is a top priority for anyone operating in the real estate market – that’s why this real estate company recently got in touch with SureTel. What about you? Is your current phone system up to the task?

Your phone systems, and communication capabilities as a whole, are a big part of your organization’s success. You need to keep in touch with clients, business contacts and other personnel. All of this requires a user-friendly, reliable and properly scaled phone service.

If you’re still using outdated landlines, or if you’re relying on a basic, resold VoIP solution, then you’ve probably encountered a few problems – this was the case for a Seattle real estate company that recently got in touch with our team.

“We are a real estate company in Seattle. We have 8 employees who will need phone service. I think we are looking for 2 to maybe 4 VoIP supported phones and call forwarding to cell phones.”

This realtor got in touch using the 24/7 live chat hosted on our website, and one of our representatives responded right away, arranging a follow-up call so that our team could discuss the firm’s needs in detail:

“I recommend you speak with one of our Client Service Representatives who can best answer your request and recommend possible options for moving forward. What is a good number and email address for you so they can contact you shortly?”

After that, it wasn’t long until this real estate company was enjoying a superior VoIP solution — they signed up for SureTel in less than a week.

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What Does This Seattle Real Estate Company Get With SureTel’s Voice Over IP Phone Service?

By switching to SureTel, this Seattle real estate company gained a number of additional features and overall benefits, including:

  • Flexible And Integrated Phone Services: With SureTel, remote employees can make calls directly from their devices – no additional hardware required. Furthermore, SureTel integrates their new phone system with a range of business apps such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Zoho.
  • Direct Assistance: Many resold VoIP solutions don’t come with the quality of support that we can offer as direct providers. If and when this company has a question, they can get in touch directly with the SureTel team for rapid and effective support.
  • Wide Range Of Features: With SureTel, this real estate company gets access to a range of enterprise-grade features:
    • Voicemail to email
    • Call screening
    • Unlimited calling in Canada and the US
    • SMS support
    • Quick and easy deployment
    • 24/7 US-based support

SureTel Business VoIP Phone Services Will Solve Your Problems

Whether you’re also struggling with another VoIP solution, still using traditional phone lines, or dealing with some other phone-based problem, all you have to do is call our team to solve it. SureTel gives you the features and flexibility you need in a phone solution, all at a simple monthly rate and no contract.